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This example demonstrates two of ReportMill's most remarkable features:

Providing dynamic links for table row information allows users to navigate a database in an interactive fashion, then print the resulting well-formatted document for use in a meeting, a client visit, etc. Many ReportMill customers use this facility to quickly improve utilization of large databases (this application is only 1 page of code with 5 ReportMill templates).

Providing both interactive and printable versions of a document from the same template is a revolution in web content. Most users prefer to view on-screen content in an uninterrupted, scrollable fashion. When printed, however, users prefer graceful pagination, with features such as page headers/footers, page numbering and indicators when related sets of information cross a page boundary (widow/orphan control).

Click on the link below to view a list of all Studios in our database. Then quickly follow the links in the table rows to navigate to individual studios and their movies, then to individual movies and their roles/actors, then to individual actors and their movies - and on, and on, and on!

At any point in your navigation of these Flash files, click on the PDF button in the upper right hand corner to get a paginated, printable version of the current report (you can even continue to navigate from the PDF report using the same links!)